Friday, 6 March 2009

Is this a process towards political maturity?

Looking at what is happening in Perak, each day we saw politicians act as if there is no law in our country. It is quite an embarrassment! Frankly, it gives me (and you too maybe) headache to see and to read about the Perak crisis. Our Constitution was really tested by the crisis. Professionals, professors, journalists, bloggers, politicians (of course) and people at kedai kopi were debating and expressing their opinions on this fiasco, but everybody seems to be consumed by partisanship.

The fact is, most of us (and the Rakyat), do not understand the real Constitution! Beginning from the lompat katak episode which benefited the BN who took-over the Perak state, the Derhaka pantomime, leading to the persidangan bawah pokok of the so-called Kerajaan Pasir Dua Butir, it was really a misinterpretation of the Perak Constitution... I guess! Most of us anyway understand (I believed) that in the Sultans and Rajas has the power to judge or ordain at will... yet somebody dah derhaka!

Lots of voices supported that Perakians should be the one to decide. A fresh and clear mandate must come from the rakyat of Perak who will decide on whom to lead the state. Perhaps, Tengku Razaleigh is the only Umno voice who urged that the crisis must revert to the people, to obtain a fresh mandate. Some voices also accused that the BN doesn’t have the balls to dissolve the Dewan Undangan Negeri because they (BN) are afraid of loosing the state election. Betul ke?

Pakatan confident sangat ke boleh menang? About 54% of voters in Perak are the Malays. Pakatan Rakyat (DAP mostly) should realise that during PRU12, Malay voters voted for DAP not because they were subscribed to their Malaysian Malaysia, but only to punish the BN (whom they believed has not been competent – of course during Pak Lah’s time). The Pakatan should have also realised that during their 11 months of ‘in power’, Nizar (the puppet MB) has managed to broke many hati orang Melayu on the tanah issue.

Yesterday, the Jerlun Member of Parliament who will be contesting the Umno Youth chief post, Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir said the impasse would be a disadvantage for all parties involved if allowed to prolong. He think that this is not fair for the people. Mukhriz believed the decision on who should be ruling Perak should be made by the court as both parties had taken legal action. This surely has been a very unpopular statement and departs from the Umno stance. Pemuda kena garang la sikit...

Regardless of what BN and Pakatan think, surely there must be some ways to clear this impasse. Should the Sultan be dragged into this chaos? On the other perspective, I agreed to what has been said by some bloggers, that there must be something to be learned and gained from this drama.


Anonymous said...

dont be malaysian if we dont aware and know about our pikirla sendiri

red rooster said...

Mr Anon,
Please note that there is a huge different between 'aware on the existence' and 'understand/well verse of the real constitution'.