Monday, 31 August 2009

Kepala lembu - It is just not wright!

It's just not wright! That is what I can say about the 'cow-head demo' in Shah Alam last Friday. After 52 years of 'merdeka', why would they have to do that? When matter can be better handled, why do they need to express hatred... in the holy month of Ramadhan? Islam teaches us to respect one another and am sure that is also what other religion preaches people to do. So, regardless of faiths, lets learn to respect each other. Selamat Hari Kebangsaan!


Detguaq said...

Salam Red rooster,

If you return to hometown just let me know. I want to belanja you eating nasi kandar batu satu on syawal.

Regarding co-head issue, to me it is simple. And now our proverb has new in list.

One cow's head with two meanings!!!

When Malay Muslim address their protest to Bloody stupid Malay's politician while Hindu thought its ridicule their God. It is so general.

red rooster said...

Tuan Detguag,

... nasi kandag memang sentiasa top of the list!