Monday, 11 May 2009

Some questions to ponder...

Today, Nizar Jamaluddin has been declared by the High Court as the legitimate Menteri Besar of Perak. No decision has been made to reverse the previous decision on the resignation of the 3 ADUNs (lompat katak). No decision has also been made on the situation of May 7th Assembly. Dr Zambry, with an open mind accepted the decision and has now vacated the MB's office.

Nizar announced that he will (as soon as possible) seek an audience with The Sultan of Perak to get his consent to dissolve the State Assembly and pave the way for fresh elections. He has also sacked the current State Legal Advisor. Meanwhile, BN who are still having the 28+3 ADUNs can still convene an emergency State Assembly and move a 'no-confidence motion' against Nizar.

Some questions to ponder:
1. Will Nizar get Sultan's consent to dissolve the State Assembly?
2. Is Ganeson still the State Assembly Speaker?
3. Can Nizar reappoint Sivakumar as State Assembly Speaker?

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